Parcel selections 

  • Terroirs Wines

    Localities or parcel selections, these wines are made from our best vineyards. These microwine making bring you the best of each of our vines in limited vintages.

    Lerchenberg Riesling, Burgreben Gewurztraminer or Pinot Noir l’Etreinte are fine wines to serve with delicacies dishes such as lamb, fish in creamy sauces or cheese platter from our regions.

  • Grands Crus

    You can find on our vinery three quality of Grand Cru.

    Grand Cru Mandelberg, or almond hill is located in the village of Mittelwihr. The vine collects the sun and the characteristics of clay and limestone soil at 250 m altitude. We work exclusively Riesling in this Grand Cru.

    Grand Cru Sonnenglanz or the sunshine is a limestone marl soil of 270 m in elevation in the commune of Beblenheim. With a south-east exposure, the vine known gorge of the nutrients needed to offer you a Gewurztraminer with complexity and with an incomparable concentration.

    Finally Grand Cru Schoenenbourg exhibited on the southeast flank of the hill, our vineyards are 280 m above sea level with a slight slope. On a limestone marl soil that retains water, we create a Riesling with great aromatic complexity that will have the merit of being served with the greatest dishes.

  • Vendanges Tardives

    The late harvest and noble grapes selections are exceptional wines that are the fruit of meticulous work in the vineyard and in the cellar. A substantial pruning is required to obtain lower yields and concentration of sugar quickly.

    These wines combine finesse aromas, complexity and delicacy to the breasts of the same bottle kept 18 months in our cellars.

    These wines are the epitome of our range for the pleasure of your papillae.

    A novelty is expected for 2017: The sale of our first late harvest Riesling, harvested in 2015.

    These wines are the elegance and virtuosity of our range.